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Dorian is one of the most sought after speakers on his subject of Wellness and speaks all over the World for businesses and organisations that are keen to understand the impact of Corporate Wellness on their performance.

He has spoken at numerous events around the globe and provides his audiences with thought provoking tools and techniques which they can apply to both their work and home lives to enhance wellness. 

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The Corporate Athlete

Leaders should develop a lifestyle that allows them to perform at their best throughout their business career and beyond.


Exploring the 
Emotional Landscape

Comparing the chemistry of emotions that are created with high pressure situations compared with those days when everything seems to be “just perfect


The Culprit & the Cure

An examination of Stress & Burnout and its effects on health & wellbeing together with ways of alleviating this


Optimising Performance
& Building Resilience

Exploring the key elements of wellbeing that promote high level performance and build resilience

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Hearts & Minds

Examining the connection and importance between these 2 influencers of performance and how they interact to affect health & wellbeing


Younger Next Year

A focus on reversing the ageing process through managing a menu of health & wellbeing interventions that promote health and wellbeing throughout the age range continuum.

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