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Dorian is available to deliver his workshops and seminars either online or in person in a variety of time frames ranging from - Half/Full days - Monthly - Quarterly - Annual sessions.

Each session can be designed to create a bespoke experience which will fit in with company wellness goals and strategies.

Workshop mental health-01.png

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Addresses the ageing brain, stress anger & the Chimp Paradox, Signs and causes of stress, The chemistry of stress, The antidotes to beat stress

Workshop Exercise Covid-03.png

Exercise in Times of 
Covid & Flu

Tips on whether to exercise with respiratory disorders, signs & symptoms, The heart and viral infections, When is it safe to exercise post viral infections?

Workshop Numbers-05.png

Know Your Numbers

Know your health scores alongside your business scores. Why does the risk disease increase with age? Is it true that 80% of illnesses as we age are termed “disease of choice?” Is it possible to reduce our health risk as we age? How often should we measure our health score?

Workshop Insomnia-02.png

Insomnia & Sleep Deprivation

Causes of insomnia & interrupted sleep, The 3 key stages of sleep. Napping, good or bad? Antidotes for poor sleep. How to help optimise “quality sleep”

Workshop Exercise-04.png

Exercise & Wellbeing

Physical activity throughout the age range continuum, HITT training good or bad? Exercise and cardiac risk. Why is resistance training as important as cardio exercise. What are the risks versus benefits of exercise?


Younger Next Year

A focus on reversing the ageing process through managing a menu of health & wellbeing interventions that promote health and wellbeing throughout the age range continuum.

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